I hope to inspire a better world by telling the stories of those who are passionate about reconnecting to the land, the sea and to each other through food. I am currently going to where life and opportunities take me- opening myself up to creative assignments that get me into communities that are working towards a cleaner, healthier planet through sustainable farming, sustainable food systems, thoughtful food distribution and food security solutions. I truly believe that communities don't have to be well off to eat well. Which is the story I most want to tell. 

Are you a business or an organization focusing on either sustainable food systems or creative food security solutions? Interested in telling the stories of your customers or those who benefit from your organization's work? Or the stories of the farmers, food artisans and fishing companies who you source your product from? Connect with me via email: autumnazurephotography@live.com.

I am an avid coffee drinker, a dark chocolate lover, a burgeoning wine appreciator, and a lazy (albeit experimental) home cook always seeking and creating simple recipes with a focus on local, seasonal foods. As for the type of traveler I am? Slow and thoughtful. 

And I'm very excited to hear from you!